Travertine paving ideas for 2018

Travertine pavers are stylish, practical and utterly timeless. There are so many different ways to use these versatile stone pavers – you just might not know it yet! We’ve put together a variety of ways to incorporate travertine in your home, in keeping with the latest interior and exterior trends this year.

Poolside paving

Travertine looks chic by the pool, but it’s also extremely practical. The paving stones are cool underfoot, salt and chlorine resistant and have low risk of slipping when wet. It’s a great option for families with young kids who are running around the swimming pool all summer long. You can rest easy knowing the kids will be safe and so will your new paving stones! They are extremely tolerable to the harsh Australian sun, and will require very little maintenance. That leaves you more time to lounge by the pool sipping on an ice-cold beverage.

Stylish patios

One of the most creative ways to incorporate travertine paving is in your patio area. Try to pick a theme for your outdoor patio area before selecting the cut of paver you’d like to use. That way, you can choose the cut and shade that best complements your outdoor furnishings. Minimalist exteriors call for light creams and beige tones, whereas bold furnishings suit dense pavers with more detail. Natural finishes are very on-trend in 2018 exterior design, so travertine is a great choice because of its elegant simplicity and stunning tumbled finish.

Open air balcony

Perhaps you have a small balcony area instead of, or in addition to, a garden patio. A bright and uncomplicated travertine paver will really open up your balcony space, as the bright colour provides a continuation of natural light. Natural light always gives the illusion of more space, so travertine is a great option for smaller exterior areas that want to make the most with what they’ve got. A few strategically placed outdoor plants on the balcony will complete the relaxed, airy look. In particular, tropical looking palm-leaf styles are very popular plants for 2018.

Rustic courtyards

The authentic quality of travertine pavers is what makes them so frequently sought after. Play around with medium and dark shades of travertine in your courtyard to create a really earthy quality in your garden. This is a perfect look for those seeking to replicate the traditional Spanish courtyard, with greenery and flowers in abundance. A fountain centrepiece makes a particular dramatic statement when creating this exterior design. Alternatively, neutral colours are extremely stylish, particularly for large courtyard areas. The bright and airy feel will really open up the outdoor space and is particularly well suited to houses that are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, or be situated close to the ocean, as it complements the relaxed holiday ambience.

Outdoor entertaining area

If you’re the kind of household that is always having guests over during the summer months, then chances are you’ll have an outdoor entertaining area. Upgrading your outdoor flooring with new paving stones is guaranteed to transform your entertaining space. Perhaps you have a small dining area by the pool that you’d like to refresh? In this case, we’d recommend paving the entire poolside and adjacent dining area to create a sense of continuity. On the other hand, a large BBQ area might call for a little more fun – so you can use a variety of tones and textures here. Outdoor BBQs are a great way to create an atmospheric outdoor space that is rustic, playful and practical all at the same time. Consider how a stainless-steel BBQ might look next to beige pavers, or alternatively you could introduce some trendy brick work to break up the paving stones and BBQ.